The Newborn Photography is an art form that looks forward to capture, through photography, the unique and very particular aspects of babies in their first days of life.

Babies grow so incredibly fast, and the first days of a baby’s life are so tiring that sometimes we miss this moment because we are so immersed in everyday’s Newborns life. Recording these moments so early in a baby’s life allows you to save and later remember every detail of your precious baby.
Come and register this moment with us. Let’s create memories that will last forever.

Pequenas Memórias - Fotografia Newborn
Pequenas Memórias - Fotografia Newborn
Pequenas Memórias - Fotografia Newborn


The Newborn Sessions are carried out, ideally, during the first fifteen days of the Newborn’s life, ideally between five and fifteen days, since at this stage the baby still takes deep naps, allowing the characteristic poses of this photographic genre, without bringing discomfort to the baby.

The day of the session is scheduled based on the estimated date of birth (DPP), and readjusted whenever justified.

Given the time limitation for these sessions, the session must be scheduled in time during pregnancy – ideally, during the second trimester – in order to guarantee availability for the most appropriate period for the session.

Pequenas Memórias - Fotografia Newborn


The Newborn Session takes place in our studio, where you will find all the comfort, hygiene, safety and tranquility. These are essential conditions for a job that preserves the well-being of the baby and the mother at this very delicate stage.

On the other hand, in our studio, we manage to guarantee the best lighting in the space. In addition to natural light, we have the most suitable lighting sets, which ensure the correct lighting of the baby throughout the session.

In the studio we have a wide range of clothes, ribbons and accessories, blankets, positioners, buckets, beds, etc., necessary to beautify and give a unique touch to each session we do.

The studio is always cleaned and disinfected before each session. All our accessories and clothes are properly sanitized.

The studio will always be very warm, and mom will have all the conditions to feed, change and dress the baby.

In the studio you will have water, coffee and some snacks available, as the session can be long.

Pequenas Memórias - Fotografia Newborn


On the day of the session, upon arrival at the studio, we ask the mother to make her comfortable, undress the baby and feed him, so that we can start the session with the baby with a full belly and sleeping as much as possible. When babys eat well, they takes long naps and let us move and pose more easily.

Our main priority is always the well-being and safety of the newborn, so some poses may not work with some babies, since under no circumstances will we force a pose that is not being well accepted by the baby.

In each session, we prepare in advance the set of accessories and clothes that we will use during the photoshoot. The preparation is based on our style, and we will take into account the taste of parents whenever they wish.

In each session, we try to make a set of records that allow us to capture the characteristics of babies, in more natural poses, as well as in more artistic poses. We like soft, neutral tones, which add a timeless touch to photography.


Newborn sessions start early in the morning (usually at 9:30 am). Newborns spend most of the day sleeping. They usually only wake up to feed, and when they undress, they feel more unprotected and uncomfortable.

It takes time to calm them down so they are calm again. Each baby has its own rhythm, and all we can do is respect it. For all these reasons, a newborn session can take up to three hours.

It is important that on the day of the session you come with time, and without commitments for that day.

Pequenas Memórias - Fotografia Newborn


We provide all the clothes and accessories used during the session. Parents can bring, if they want, some props that they want to see integrated in some photos of the session.

Sessions can be long, so we advise you to also bring some water and snacks, in case those we provide in the studio are not to your liking.

Parents should come with fresh and comfortable clothes, as the studio will be warm, and the session is long.

Additionally, whenever photographs with the parents are planned, we suggest mom and dad to bring clothes with similar tones so that we can reach a harmonious result (neutral and soft tones are always an excellent option).

It is important that you come calm and unhurriedly on that day. It’s a special day, and we want you to make the most of it.