Maternity | Pregnancy

The Maternity Session

The Maternity | Pregnancy Session Photoshoot aims to record this very unique phase of a woman, in which her body is transformed to welcome a new life! In these sessions, we will capture the mother’s emotional relationship with her tummy, and reveal the most beautiful aspects of the pregnant woman.

These sessions can be made in different styles and using various dresses or looks so that the mummy-to-be feels confortable, beautiful and empowered. An ever better version of herself! A professional follow-up is carried out, which begins before the session, with a counseling meeting (via phone or presential), and continues later in the session, with all the support needed for the correct body posing and expressions, in order to achive the best result.

Pequenas Memórias - Fotografia Gravidez
Pequenas Memórias - Fotografia Gravidez
Pequenas Memórias - Fotografia Gravidez


The Maternity Sessions are ideally held between the 28 and 36 weeks.

In this period we will be able to capture an already visible belly, and the sharp curves, so typical in the women’s body during the pregnancy.

This is also the most favorable moment, considering that in the end of the pregnancy, the pregnant get tired, and has less flexibility, which is quite common in the later stage of the pregnancy.

Nevertheless, the Maternity Sessions can be held iat any time during the pregnancy, as long as mummy feels confortable to go for it.

The session Reservation must be held early, ideally during the second or third trimester of Pregnancy, in order to guarantee a vacancy for the desired period.


The Sessions last up to two hours. Studio sessions can be held either in the morning (start at 9:30 am) or in the afternoon (start at 2:00 pm).

In case the Beauty Service is held in studio, the total duration will be around three hours.


Maternity Sessions are mostly held at the Pequenas Memórias studio, but and can also occur outside (limitations apply).

Pequenas Memórias - Fotografia Gravidez


This is a special day, and we will do our best to provide a wonderful experience for our mom-to-be.

All the details of the session are aligned between studio and our pregnant in advance, so that on that day, everything is prepared according to what has been agreed.

We offer a big Closet with an elegant and diverse selection of Outfits (dresses, fabrics, tops, robes, among others) for our sessions.

Every woman is unique, and that’s why we make a point of taking into account, for each of the sessions we plan, your style, your taste and your preferences.

We are aware that sometimes it is not easy for the future mom to live with (and accept) all the changes that her body has undergone during this period, and that there is some fear of exposing herself in front of a camera. It is also part of our mission to listen to all your insecurities, and explain that throughout the session, we will take care to preserve the aspects that most concern you, always respecting your limits.

Make-up | Hair-Styling

For all our sessions, we always encourage mom to opt for Make-Up and arranged hair.

It is a special moment, and it is essential that on that day you feel even more beautiful. Careful makeup and beautiful hair make all the difference in the final result.

For this purpose, you can bring MakeUp and Hair already prepared from outside, or we can provide our professional Beauty Service (MakeUp, HairStyling) if you prefer.

Pequenas Memórias - Fotografia Gravidez