About Us

Pequenas Memórias – Photography by Cristina and Hugo

Behind the cameras of ‘Pequenas Memórias – Fotografia’ is a couple who shares the love for the art of photography.

We both started our professional journey, away from the cameras. We both worked for several years in the field of engineering and business management, until photography enchanted us in such a way that we left everything behind to dedicate ourselves body and soul to his art.

It is more than a hobby, more than a profession, photography is a ‘higher love’, because it is by portraying our Families, our Pregnant Women and our Babies that we feel truly fulfilled.

Photographer | Visual Artist


Cristina was born in Porto, and came to live in Lisbon, after finishing her graduation in Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Aveiro.

Hugo’s passion for photography influenced Cristina from the first moment, and since then she has been dedicated to photography, in a constant learning and improvement path, through training, events and participation in workshops. With the birth of her first child, she fell in love with Newborn and Maternity photography. The taste for this photographic genre is the sweet culmination of the two worlds that most fascinate her: photography and motherhood.

It is in this area that she specialized and that she continues to evolve and grow, to do more and better every day, with all his affection and dedication.

Cristina is the photographer, and the visual artist responsible for the concept creation e execution of our looks and scenarios.


Photographer | Retoucher


Hugo is from Lisbon, having lived in the Algarve during his graduation at the University of Algarve in the area of Computer Science (Business Oriented).

Hugo’s passion for photography comes from a very young age, when he remembers seeing his father, a photographer by profession, with camera in hand, even in his leisure time. This love for photography has been developed in recent years with specialization and study.

Photo editing appears as a need to complement photography with editing processes that respect the nature of the base photograph, but that add and enhance the small details that make a photograph even more than just a moment that was recorded in time.

Hugo is a photographer, and responsible for the images editing and retouching of the sessions.